"Return to Earn" Program 

As a way to recognize our returning players, in 2022 we started our "swag as a perk" program to recognize players. 


As coaches see the players develop over multiple season teams become more competitive achieving their goals. Having us develop them and then leave for another program sucks to say the least. 


We want our players for the long haul,  hopefully becoming a coach in the program someday. 


Allegiance Swag

Start of Year 2 - Team Buff & T-shirt

Year 3 - Custom Shaft

Year 4 - Team Jacket

Year 5 - Custom Team Gloves

Rewarding retuning players with team apparel (swag) that can only be obtained by returning to earn it.  Second, third, fourth, and fifth year returning players will get recognized.  

PNW Select Program

Our focus is to develop lacrosse athletes for competition at a higher level.  We continue to attract top regional players from the Pacific Northwest wanting to take the next step with their game.


Our Athletic Director uses his over 25 years of playing and coaching experience and Sports Management Degree to coach and mentor our youth athletes. The coaching staff is made up of only former players that have the desire to teach the details so players and teams excel. 

Top Left Logo.png

Maniax partner with Treasure State, Lilac City, & Thump Lacrosse to form Top Left national development program.

We offer an incredible opportunity to our PNW Select players  to play with a National Team program that competes in tournaments on the East Coast where lacrosse began. 


We have partnered with Treasure State Lacrosse out of Montana, Lilac City Lacrosse out of the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene Area, and Thump Lacrosse from Bend Oregon.


Every players goals are not the same.  Some have the desire and skills to take their game to the next level.  Top player in each program will be nominated and invited to participate in Top Left.  These roster spots will be very competitive and coveted. Those players that check all the boxes will get offers and we will help everyone understand the program and commitment.  It will not interfere with the Maniax tournaments. This is expected to be a huge draw to players wanting to get this experience and recognition.  

If players are interested they can inquire or the coach will nominate them.  Either way there is a vetting process for selection.